Um… Are We Dating? (Part Two)

It was 8:30 on a Friday night and I was making the work week a distant memory with cocktails at a friends birthday party. We were at a spot in the west village, dancing and talking when I felt my phone vibrate in my bag.

Sorry about earlier, I had a deadline and couldn’t make my way over

It was from Robert.

It was also totally irrelevant (not in a bad way, but in a “why are you texting me about this, now?” way). My department had some left over cupcakes from a birthday celebration and I had sent him a text message earlier in the afternoon letting him know that there were extras in case he wanted to grab one. He never came to get his cupcake and I had forgotten about it until he sent this text (five hours later) apologizing.

Coincidentally, the venue where we were having drinks was a place he mentioned to me some weeks earlier. We texted a bit about where I was and where he was, what I was doing and what he was doing and before I knew it, he was on his way to the west village to meet me (an hour+ trip from where he lived).

I tossed my phone back into my bag and watched my friends dance as I slowly sipped my drink. This would be our third time hanging out outside of the office. The weekend before, he took his little sister bowling near my apartment and I stopped by and said hello for a few minutes. It was nothing spectacular, we actually didn’t talk much, but now he was on his way to meet me. What did this mean?

He showed up with his cousin and we chatted a bit. He bought me a couple of drinks and then we made our way to the dance floor. Of course, it would be my luck that even though we were at a mainstream club, guys were approaching me asking me to dance, giving me their cards, etc. I played it cool, giving Robert most of my attention, but I didn’t want to assume anything. Was he there with me or there for me?

All in all I had fun, it seemed casual… definitely could have been a friend thing– but then again it could have been something else.

I still can’t tell.

8 thoughts on “Um… Are We Dating? (Part Two)”

  1. Don’t you hate that? That i’m not sure, he could be, or maybe he’s not, or what if!! I swear dating or even just figuring out the oposite sex needs is like the biggest exercise in futility! However, JMO…..I’m thinking Roger might be diggin’ ya!

  2. "Just my luck, guys were approaching asking me to dance, giving me their cards…"

    That's awesome! Nothing makes a man hotter for you than the idea that there's competition out there. Makes you look even more desirable!

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