Um… are we dating? (Part One)

It was a bright winter Sunday in New York City. My sister Denise was in town for the weekend and we were on our way to church. Church is something I look forward to, my faith is an important part of my life and its always lovely to worship with others.

But this Sunday I was nervous…

This Sunday, Robert was meeting me at church. Who is Robert? (Good question) Robert and I work for the same company and this would be our first time seeing each other outside of the office. Although Robert had been working at my company for a few months, it wasn’t until a work sponsored happy hour, two weeks ago, that he and I actually had a conversation. Since then his trips past my desk have gone from waves and smiles… to “hello’s”… to small talk… to him asking to come to church with me and me happily saying yes.

When I told Denise that a guy from my job would be worshipping with us, she raised an eyebrow. “Okay… that’s random– is this like, a ‘thing’?” she asked. And the truth was, I had no idea! I couldn’t tell if he was just nice or if he was interested in me. It wasn’t even worth thinking about because, after all of the mixed signals and false starts with Jeremy I was definitely gun shy.

Service was wonderful, as usual, and afterward Robert offered to walk my sister and me home. We were chatting casually when I heard my name being called from across the street. I looked over and it was Jeremy, he was exiting a cafe with a some friends. He waved them on and made his way across the street. I know he lives in the neighborhood, but of all the people for us to run into, why Jeremy?

“Hey Denise, I didn’t know you were in town this weekend,” he asked, giving my sister a hug. Then he turned to me. “Hey.”

My heart skipped a beat, “Hey, Jeremy– this is Robert.”

“Hey man,” Jeremy said shaking Roberts hand. We kept walking and Jeremy fell into step with us. I could not believe this was happening. “So do you two know each other from work or something?” Jeremy asked, rudely.

“Yup,” I could have killed him. His apartment wasn’t even in the direction we were going… this was crazy. I was trying to think of something to say when Jeremy chimed in with:

“Denise, did your sister tell you we had a hot date last week and she stood me up? We were supposed to have dinner.”

I could not believe it, Jeremy had asked to meet me for dinner and when I said I would be an hour late because of work, he claimed he was too tired and hungry to wait for me. But here he was making it sound like… like… it was something else completely. My face was hot, I didn’t want to over react in front of Robert, so I just said nothing.

“CeCe left me, sitting at the restaurant with a bowl of chips and guacamole– it was horrible…”

“Oh my gosh, Jeremy– You are so fired! That’s not what happened and you know it.” I said with a forced smile and left it at that. Fighting with Jeremy in front of Robert was not a good look.

“I’m fired, huh?” Jeremy said jokingly.

Then Robert chimed in, “Well if you’re firing people, that must mean your company has openings now, right?”

“Whoa! Listen dude,” Jeremy interrupted “Let me tell you about working for Celeste. You put in a lot of effort and you get a minimal return.”

It was said as a joke, so we all laughed. But the weight of that statement was so heavy I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide until the moment was over. Finally we reached a major intersection where it was appropriate to part ways. Jeremy took off with a hand shake for Robert, a hug for Denise and an (unwelcome) kiss on the cheek for me. Robert thanked me for letting him come to church with me and quickly ran down into the subway station.

I stood on the street looking at Denise. Before I could speak she read my mind when she said:

“That… was a lot.”

8 thoughts on “Um… are we dating? (Part One)”

  1. Oh hun! First let me apologise for being AWOL esp after your last post – there’s been a lot going on and I’ve just had to be away from blogland for a while but I am back…well back for some people – you are one of them! I’d say feel special but really, I’m not that important! Anyway…thanks for sharing this. If I may give my opinion, this really confirms that Jeremy is not “the guy”. I want to say that he doesn’t sound like much of a good guy either but that’s not my place really… I can imagine that it’s probably heart-breaking to let him go but you can do so much better!!! How are you feeling??

    p.s. AWESOME that Robert came to church with you…sounds like one worth following up on perhaps…?

  2. Ok, I just discovered this here blog, and I LOVES IT! Second let me just say that I think Jeremy is a raging douche! Nuff said!! Sorry to be so harsh, but girl that boy sounds like a cancer.

  3. Ugh, Why did Jeremy have to ruin the mood. Like Louisa stated he is not “the guy”. See my problem with Jeremy and men like him is that they crave your attention when another man is recieving it when the crazy part is that they could be sharing your time if they only would man up and let you know how they truly feel about you straight up! I think Robert seems like a mature individual just by the way you speak of him. It’s too early to tell but I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between you two…
    Oh and Celeste I love your blog it is so refreshing to read a blog I can relate to being that I too am a PSP!:)

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