A New Years Kiss Gone Wrong (Part Two)

January 12 2009 | CeCe Olisa

On January 1st, I woke up at 1:30pm in a champagne induced fog.

I stretched my legs under my down comforter, fully prepared to curl up for a few more minutes, when suddenly the events of the night before came flooding back. Instinctively I touched my fingertips to my mouth– wow, Jeremy kissed me last night.

I was lying in bed replaying everything that happened when my phone chimed. I had a text message… from Jeremy:

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love you.”

I smiled to myself and rolled out of bed. We had New Years Day dinner plans with some friends and I had only a few hours to pull myself together….

I was running late for dinner and Maya offered to give me a ride to the restaurant. Since the kiss happened while she was in the room, it was nice to know that nothing was going on between her and Jeremy. As we pulled up to the restaurant we realized there were no open parking spaces so we’d have to drive around for a while. Jeremy came up to the car, leaned through the passenger side window and gave me a long kiss on the cheek. Of course, his affection in front of Maya reassured me that nothing was going on between them.

“I’ll ride with you guys to look for a space” he said, jumping into the back seat.

As we chatted about our day, he leaned forward and wrapped himself around my car seat until his hands were around my waist… his fingers slipped into mine.

He’s doing all of this in front of Maya, I thought to myself. This really means they’re just friends! I was so silly to think anything else!

We found a parking space and it was at that moment that I realized something was wrong. Maya hadn’t said anything the whole time we were in the car. She jerked the car into park, jumped out of the car and slammed the door. Before I knew it, she was bolting down the street toward the restaurant.

Then the unthinkable happened:

Jeremy swung his car door open, “MAYA!!”, he yelled and ran down the street after her.

He yelled her name.

He chased her down the street.

He left me by the car.

My mind was racing; How could Maya get that upset during a five minute car ride?? The only thing noteworthy that happened was Jeremy’s affection towards me… But why would his actions towards me make her upset like that unless… there was something going on between them!

It took me a few seconds to recover, but I composed myself and casually walked into the restaurant. By this time our party was being seated. My face was so hot… I knew I had to get out of there.

I sent an SOS text message to my friend Andrew who immediately called my phone giving me an excuse to leave.

“Listen– Um my friend needs me,” I lied. “I have to go”.

As I rushed out of the restaurant, Jeremy grabbed my hand– “You’re leaving?”

“Yeah,” I mumbled. I couldn’t look him in the eyes. “I- I can’t be here right now.”

I walked out into the cold without any real destination. As I walked along Central Park West, I saw a bus that I knew would take me home. I hopped on it, and by the time I walked into my apartment and slipped out of my coat, I had a text message from Jeremy:

“Are you Okay?”

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