The Waiting Game

I replayed meeting William a million times in my head and the thing that I couldn’t get over was that he was only at REWIND because his friends wanted to go there. He wasn’t necessarily into big girls like most of the men at the BBW parties, but of course I didn’t know that when I approached him and if I had known I probably wouldn’t have spoken to him at all.
That Monday on instant messenger, Dana suffered through all of my speculations on why he hadn’t called. The main one being that he realized that a big girl was not the look he was going for.
Every ten minutes or so, our IM conversations went a little like this:

CeCe: *sigh* He hasn’t called…

Dana: He’ll call
CeCe: But what if he doesn’t?

Dana: It hasn’t even been three days
CeCe: *sigh* yeah…

I knew she was right, I just didn’t know how to wait it out.

I could barely eat, I couldn’t focus and I kept calling my cell phone from my office phone to make sure it was working. I knew things were bad when I found myself shopping for high-heeled shoes. Being a tall girl, at 5 foot 10, I rarely wear heels, but the thought of going out with someone 6’5 seemed like an occasion to purchase them.
The next day was Tuesday and as I clicked to work attempting to break in my new three inch Mary Janes, I started to feel like he really wasn’t going to call. I figured I’d give myself until 7:00pm that day to obsess, then I would move on and create an online dating profile or something.
That night I came home with sore feet and sat in my apartment flipping through a magazine. When I looked up and realized it was 6:59 I just stared at my phone silently willing it to ring.
It didn’t.
I let out a long sigh and mentally released William, my dream guy, from my head. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
Then at 7:36, my phone rang… it was a number I didn’t recognize… I picked it up:
Hi, is this CeCe?
Hi its William, we met last Saturday, do you remember me?
Of course I do, how are you?
And so it began, finally a guy I liked, liked me back.

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  1. Hello, I know this post is QUITE old but im extremely new to your blog! just found it today! Anyways, I was wondering if you find that being a BBW and being tall (i'm also 5'10) is like a double whammy??? anyways ill keep reading so that im caught up! (maybe post some things from a tall woman's perspective???

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