100 Questions About Sisterlocks: Everything You Want to Know

I got a text message that made me smile today. Yes, our new Supreme Court Justice has #sisterlocks and, so do I! In honor of #ketanjibrownjackson, here are my answers to the top 100 questions I get asked about my hair. I add 5-10 questions to this post regularly, so save it and keep coming back to learn more. let’s begin:

1.) How to Start Sisterlocks

Your loctitian will create a perfect grid on your scalp– tiny boxes of about ten strands of hair. Something I found interesting is that sisterlocks are not started at the root of your hair, they’re started at the ends of your hair. Your locticican will create a lock from the ends of your hair and then interlock about 10 strands of hair per lock all the way up to your scalp. Your initial install can range from 16-18 hours, sometimes longer depending upon the length and density of the hair. My install took three days, yes that’s longer than most— the women in my family have a lot of hair.

2.) Can Sisterlocks be combed out?

Technically, yes. But if that’s your goal, sisterlocks may not be right for you.

3.) Are Sisterlocks Good for Your Hair?

In my experience yes, it’s the best decision I ever made. Sisterlocks helped me to grow long hair on my terms. I shared my journey to long hair on my instagram account. Everything else I tried wasn’t as good for my hair as sisterlocks have been.


4.) With Sisterlocks, Do you Miss Having Loose Hair?

No, I don’t miss weaves, wigs or my “loose” natural hair


5.) How often should your retighten your sisterlocks

Most people get a re-tightening every 6-8 weeks. I get a retightening every four weeks, yes that’s more often than most. My hair grows pretty fast.

6.) Do you Get Bored with Sisterlocks?

No, I don’t get bored with them. I’ve done everything from flat ironing to curling my locs— I created a tutorial for you on how to curl Sisterlocks— you can watch it at your leisure



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7.) How much do sisterlocks cost?

As a rule, I like to let each salon disclose their own prices, but I will say this: Yes, it’s an investment. Yes, it’s worth every dime.

8.) Can Sisterlocks be done with extentions?

Yes, I could have started with extensions but I wanted to embrace the journey… even the awkward parts… and I’m glad I did.

9.) Curly Sisterlocks and Working Out – How to Make it Work

Dolls, here is how I maintain my curly Sisterlocks while working out almost every day: before I set my curls, I was my hair with an anti dandruff shampoo and do a hair mask to retain moisture. I shared the process of setting my curls in a previous reel called “how to curl your Sisterlocks”, you can find it on my Instagram page at your leisuree. once a day when my hair is dry (either before my workout or before bed) I apply this headandshoulders soothing scalp spray directly to my scalp – this prevents itchy/dry scalp. I sweat a lot wen I workout, so my main goal is to keep my curls as far away from my sweaty scalp, shoulders and neck as possible. I use two goodie thick hair ties to lift my curls into two ponytails high off my shoulders and loosely secured away from my scalp. If I’m really on top of it, I place a towel around my neck but at 6am sometimes I forget lol. I cover my ponytails in the shower with a shower cap and/or my silk lined turban. I let my hair air dry while I massage cocoabycece onto my beautiful body, get dressed and do my makeup. Once I feel that my scalp is completely dry, I take my hair down for the day. I *can* keep my curls in up to seven days with this process, but I prefer to only go up to four days. When it’s time to do a full wash, I start with scalp exfoliation… here is my full process:



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we can talk about that next Saturday if you’d like.

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